Monday, February 1, 2010


One fun thing about going to visit my Dad and Trish in the East Bay is going
to the Jack London Square farmers market on Sunday morning!
Anyone who knows me, know that I LOVE farmers markets, but my
husband not so much.

This market is the best because besides being a great market,
it has many fun things for all the boys to do.

They can look at boats, throw sticks in the water and run there little hearts out,
while Trish and I shop! All it really needs is a (functioning) coffee shop.

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Diana said...

I've got to get Jake and myself up early one of these times you guys come are over so we can check out the Farmer's Market too. I miss going to mine in San Mateo, always at work when it is going on =(

stacief said...

Amazing that the thundering sounds of little feet don't wake you guys up! It would be totally fun if you guys came too!!

F said...

There's a coffee shop on the second floor of the Barnes & Noble bookstore.
Cute pics, Stacie!