Sunday, November 29, 2009

Santa's bad list

Reasons that Luke will be getting coal for xmas...

1. flinging dirt into Jacks open eyes
2. eating lots and lots of dirt, numerous times
3. eating an xmas bulb (seriously, how can that taste or feel good)
4. kicking, pinching and sitting on the cat
5. managing to knock down the wall clock and sign name in his room
6. breaking the sign name after it fell off the wall
7. spitting his apple at me
8. did I mention that he ate a xmas light!!!!

and this is all in the last 2 days...


Jake said...

mmmmmmmm xmas bulbs

Anonymous said...

Luke is a handful for sure. Eating a christmas bulb is a new one for me but I'm not too surprised. Just don't let him get the best of you, remind him often of who is in charge and what behavior is exceptable and what's not (he may send the next few months of his life in time out but he'll figure it out, or grow out of it) Much loves Nin

Anonymous said...

did I mention he loves wild mushrooms!