Tuesday, August 4, 2009

back to school

I can not believe how fast this summer went by! It was a great summer!

We are now enmeshed in the back to school details. Loren has already had 2 meeting over the hill with parents and teachers. I am trying to figure out all the scheduling issues with the boys when loren goes back to work. It has been sooooo nice to have him here all summer!

Luke will be starting school in September when the new local Quail Hollow Montessori opens up just blocks (and a river) from our house. Jack will be moving to this new school in September too and starting to go 3 days a week. Hopefully this will not be too stressful on everyone....

Jack still hates school and will not wear his underwear to school. I am hoping when Luke goes with him and with a new change of scenery, he will make friends and have a better time of it.

Jack has been doing great with potty training (except for school) and he does wear a pull up at night, but so far we have only had a few accidents. We now have to stop all the time for him to pee... and he doesnt like us to make a big fuss over the whole thing. He is growing up!

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