Saturday, July 18, 2009

Almost home sweet home...

Well we made it to my dads house last night... It was very sad to leave grandma and grandpa honeys house! We all had such a great time and really enjoyed everything.

The trip to Jennies in Eugene was great. We left at 6am ish and made it to her house by 4:30. The boys were very well behaved - at least as well as you can be for being locked up in the car for so long. We played with Jennie and her daycare kids and had a good ole time. It is much hotter this time around. It was 96 in Eugene when we got there. We stopped at a water park on the way down and it was lots of fun for the boys to run in the water.

The second leg of the trip didnt go quiet as well. We got a later start at lunch time but it turned out to just make the day go much longer. I had thought that if the boys played all morning and then had a car picnic and nap it would work out better...and it did until 4 and we were still in Oregon...It was a very long day and super hot. At one point it was 112 somewhere in northern cal...we ended up at a rest stop cuz we had to get out of the car and it was 105. Everyone is crabby when it is so hot and tired. Today we are kicking it at my dads and getting ready to head out for home after dinner. All in all a very successful trip! Just wish we could have transporters or something....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this...I've been checking everyday. Glad all went well!