Tuesday, November 11, 2008

pumpkin soup

I found this recipe on the blog of another Jan 06 mom, JL, that I like to read. Pumpkin Soup and Ham & Cheddar Scones The link to the recipe doesnt seem to be working right now, but check it out later and see if it is up. We all really liked the soup, except Jack. It has mushrooms in it which give it a sort of meaty taste. I love the scones...you can not go wrong with ham, cheese and butter!

I am discovering that Jack and Luke do not like the same dinner foods and it is really annoying. Jack likes fried rice, eggs, and ham. Luke hates them, but loves potatoes, mac & cheese, quesadillas and most pasta. Jack hates them... They do both love sweet stuff, dinosaur chicken bites from costco and toast. Typically, one will eat the dinner and one will not with Jack being the more picky eater.
And Luke will not keep a bib on...or socks...
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Maggie said...

Poppi really chuckled over this entry....he's seen how quick as a wink Luke can rip off that bib and say "all gone!" (And there's no negotiating.)