Saturday, November 8, 2008

Long week...

This was quite a week. I finished most of my outreach and have no more scheduled presentations to do! Yeah! My car is happy about it too as I've put lots of miles on it going to the Monterrey area. I also smashed my bumper when I got lost at a school and couldn't see the fire hydrant that I back into trying not to drive of a cliff. Then my sun roof decided to leak in all the crazy rain we had last week...I didn't discover it until after all the rain. Luckily, my very handy husband was able to fix it with no problem. Glad driving is over! I was looking forward to a relaxing Friday night with a freezer dinner and glass of wine, but Jack had other ideas. Poor little guy got yet another ear infection. He was sleeping till I got home from work and then he cried and cried. Off we went to Urgent Care. ( I love Urgent Care - so great to have a place to take sick kids on weekends and after house) It wasn't very busy, but I think they only had one doctor cuz the whole thing to 3 hours. Jack pleading with me to go home and "no doctor, ear all better" the whole time. So now we are going the penicillin route. Then at 11 pm Luke woke up screaming...he now has a delightful cold complete with lots of snot, sneezing and hacking cough. Im sure L and I are next in line to get sick...This has been a crazy year for sickness and it is back again. I'll try to get some more pix up soon.

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