Sunday, November 16, 2008

And he is off...

I came home on friday to find Jack "new" bike parked on the deck.
I had hoped to give it to him when he completed potty training, but I forgot to tell this to L.
L was trying to kill time till I got home and the bike was an excellent diversion.
Considering that it has been 80 degrees out this weekend, it is perfect bike riding weather.

Can you belive that it is the middle of November and 80 degrees!! I just put away all of their summer stuff last weekend...

Anyway, Jack was liking his bike and did really well on it. One of L's parents from school gave it to us last year for Jack which was VERY nice! The next day he rode again for a little while but decided that it made it butt hurt too much. And that is with a diaper.

Notice that he has his head turned looking at something...unfortunely, he does this a lot. What is behind him is more interesting then the parked car in front of him. Ugh.
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