Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SJ Giants hot hot hot

We "won" a few tickets to the SJ Giants at an auction for SLVE (the boys school)
and realized that the season is almost over and we hadn't attended any games...
so we headed to SJ on Saturday to see a game and see the "Panda".

Pablo Sandaval was rehabing in the AA league..and we wanted to see it.
Even tho it was super, duper hot! Seems to be a theme to our summer, HOT.

It was a great game and the Giants won, but Panda was terrible!

It was fun to see a superstar...but he wasnt on his game.

He did try hard and you could tell that he was going for a home run each time.

Hoping he does better now that he is back in the big league!
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