Monday, August 6, 2012

Lake Alpine, CA

I interrupt my telling of our last update you all with our 2nd vacation that we are currently on!

I went back to work for 2 weeks and then took one last week off to celebrate our 7th anniversary.
So we packed up the car and headed to Murphy's at Auntie Kate and Uncle Bill's house.
Bill and Kate were were for 2 days, but just left this morning.
We are here till Wednesday, when we drive back to my mom's and drop the boys off with them for 2 kid free nights! SF here we come! we headed out to lake Alpine which is a beautiful area.
And today...after swimming for quite some time, Luke fished...and he caught his first trout!

Here he is making his best fishy face!

Needless to say, we were all super excited, especially Luke!
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grandma Trish said...

Great Job Luke!!!!

Jake said...

how'd it taste?

stacief said...

It was pretty tasty! Not as good as Jacks "dessert" fish, but still pretty good. You and D should come up here with us sometime. Do you ever get 2 days off at the same time?