Tuesday, August 7, 2012

picture overload of lake alpine

We (Loren) had hoped to get an early start this morning as it does take an hour to get here...but we didn't so well  as it was closer to 11 when we arrived.  Surprisingly not all that crowded...the crowds arrived after we did!

It is a beautiful lake and we found these great rocks-boulders to fish on while the boys had plenty of room to play in the water. Loren did the most of the fishing while I watched the boys.

Under my careful watch... no one drowned!  Yeah!

It  really is a deep lake and I was amazed how many people swam long distances on it!
Once again, I wished that I had my swim suit!

But the boys loved playing in the water.

Jack was actually the more timid guy, once Luke got out there.

Jack kept asking him to help him get around.
Note for next year is to get water shoes...would have make a world of difference, i think!
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maggie said...

Great pictures. I love that lake.