Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New bed

Look who got a "new" bunk bed!
A few years ago one of Lorens parents (from his 3rd grade class - not real parents) gave us this bunk bed.
Loren sanded and painted it and up it went this weekend.
It is no where near a window that Luke can jump out of, but who knows if he'll jump off the edge.
It does have a great railing around it and they are not allowed to jump (or walk) on the top bunk - we'll see if they mind.
Jack seems to like it, but not like the fact that I can't lie down with him at night....not sure quite what to do about that.
Now we need to get a regular sized mattress for Luke.
It is great tho to have more room in their bedroom!
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Jake said...

luke does look very thrilled to be up so high.

Grandma Knabb said...

Jack looks like such a big boy. Luke looks like he can't wait to be left alone on that top bunk. look out below.....

Maggie said...

It's great to see Luke looking so very very thrilled, like "Isn't life grand!!"
Does this mean he's no longer crying, spitting and hitting because nothing suits him?
And what do you mean you have to get him a mattress? Is he using his crib mattress in the bunk bed?

stacief said...

Yep crib mattress on the big bed, with lots of pillows, stuffed animals, and comforters to fill in the rest. Still getting time outs too, but less spitting.

Gramma Glor said...

Woo-hoo!!!! Look at you two!! What fun. If this works out. then Grampa and I can get a bunk bed for you here for when you come to visit.