Sunday, June 28, 2009

Santa Cruz in June

Notice the fog.... today was cold at the beach.
Even at 11:30 when we headed to Costco it was still socked in.

We found these great big sand holes that the boys loved.

This is Jacks "what are you crazy...I'm not going even near the water" face.

While Jack is still petrified of the ocean - he says that he is afraid of sharks -
Luke has no problem playing in the waves...infact is was hard to drag him out of the water.
Luckily, we had the giant sand hole that he liked to lure him out.
Unfortunately, Luke remembered that he likes to eat sand, big giant mouthfuls...not looking forward to the diapers...
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Jake said...

I would have killed for some of that fog this weekend it has been horrid over here.

Trish said...

I agree with Jake. Try working the paint department in Pleasanton. The fog would have been a god send. Cute pictures.