Friday, June 26, 2009

June recap

I cant believe that June is almost over and I really havent taken any pictures! Not that we haven't had any photo oportunities!

L is off for the summer and it has been really nice having him home! We went to the beach one day and the park the next. We road the little train at Vasona, I got to visit my grandma and go to the dentist. I even make it one day to the gym! (I havent been to the gym since I was 7 months prego with Jack) We had a nice fathers day up at my dad's house. My little bro took us out for a big fathers day breakfast at my fave breakfast place in Castro Valley, JD's. They have this ice cream/orange juice milk shake thing that is humongous and yummy. One fed the 9 of us ! Jack LOVED it! We did even more park time up my dads at the now ex water park thanks to water rationing... We are trying to get ready for our family road trip to Spokane, the garlic festival, a birthday bash for a dear friend at our house (if my hubby ever gets out the evite!) and then our anniversary (not sure what we are doing yet) with out kids!

Monnie is still with us and luckly I will get to visit her a bit more often in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stacie, spend the time with Monnie while you can. She is a very special lady. She has always treated Jake and I like family. Please give her all of our love, wish we could see her.

Trish said...

Sorry, hit the wrong button.