Saturday, February 7, 2009

Simple things

It wonderful how kids can be amused by the simplest things.
Luke had a blast with this old fold up chair.

He climbed it and then rattled the picture on the wall.

Then, he thought it would be a great idea to get stuck getting off the chair.

Then, it was time to bang on the chair after I folded it up so that Luke would not break his neck falling off. He laughed hysterically while he banged on the chair and liked it even better when I banged with him with my rings...It was very, very loud.

And lastly, Luke had to try to climb up the chair cuz that is what he does...
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Grandma Trish said...

Luke looks so proud of himself when he made it to the top of the chair and standing on top. There is no stopping him. Good luck keeping him down.

stacief said...

Im gonna need it! He is very proud and knows when he is doing something that he shouldnt!

Hope to see you soon!