Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Potty time

We have been trying to potty train Jack for months...
many months... major power struggle.
He will go pee in the potty at night time, after his bath, but this is it.
We constantly are asking him if he wants to use the potty and his answer is a very firm "NO"
He says "me no like potty" and will go forever in a dirty diaper and it doesnt bug him...
If he wanted to he could as he gets it and knows when he is gonna pee. We have been forcing the issue and he seems to do pretty good at my moms house, but he is getting worse for us. No matter how many potty dances I do and try to bribe him with chocolate...We are probably going to have to back off the training for a little while and hope that he takes an interest in it. I'd hate to be changing his diapers in 3rd grade!

Luke on the other hand....has already pooped twice! He didnt mean to but he did. He loves the potty! Which does make it a little hard to leave it out for Jack to use.

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Nonna said...

Here's what I've done several times when I'm pretty sure Jack has to go but won't (and I say it like I mean business): "Jack, I'm going to set the timer for three minutes and you better be finished going to the potty in that time. Ready, get set, go!"
Each time he's gone in by himself and emerged proudly, saying "The timer didn't go off!!"
I think he must like competing with the timer and maybe it adds an element of excitement to the whole boring business.