Friday, August 22, 2008

I took Jack to preschool this morning...Thanks to Jill for letting me come in a little late!

From the second he woke up he was all about staying in bed. No go school, no go school. We got him up and dressed and just a little cereal ( I was worried about him eating too much and puking again) We watched a little Bob and that seemed to calm him down. He is really doesnt like much tv, but he is a fan of Bob the Builder. Tne we had a tissue routine where I he would request a "isue" and i would hand him a tissue, he would briefly wipe his nose and had it back to me for the "ga man" (garbage man), then he would request another tissue. I tried to get him to put a tissue in is pocket, but no would do. He like me getting them out of my pocket tho. This went on every second in the car until we got to preschool. I was able to hang out with him for a bit in the backyard and kids started coming over. One little cute 2 year old girl proudly told me "mommy and daddy work" which is exactly what Jack said in the car "mommy no go work". Then I kissed him and left. He was crying, but not hysterical so I think that is progress.

Still breaks my heart and I cry in the car.

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