Monday, August 25, 2008

August 23rd

We had a nice, low key birthday party for Luke on Saturday at his Nonnie's house. We had cheese pie, salads and cake with home make ice cream. It is hard to believe that he is one already.

It has been quite the year of challenges. We bought the house, added on, I went back to work part time, discovered 2 kids is really hard, luke is a really, really bad sleeper, L ended up in the ER, the mountain caught fire, we (L) re did the back house, and now we are having a hard time with Jack in school. And Monnie fell down and will probably need to go to assisted living. Did I mention how hard it is having 2 kids who cant quite play together. Luckily Jack and Luke really seem to love eachother. Now they are sharing a room and a bed time and they laugh and giggle before going to sleep (or one of us coming in and saying "go to sleep now!!"

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