Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread houses

I had the neighbor kids over for a bit of gingerbread house making and decorating last week.

Im not sure what I was thinking...taking that on!

I am still finding little silver balls on the floor...

But they turned out really cute and the boys worked off the sugar high on the trampoline!
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Jen said...

We usually make gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve. Last year Billy and Katie made a train hitting a poor gingerbread man with "guts" all over the place. I wasn't sure if I should be proud or scared. I went with the proud, it was easier. Have a VERY VERY Merry Christmas. We love you bunches.

stacief said...

Love you bunches too! I forsee gingerbread guts in my future too. But these kids were too busy sneaking the candy! xoxoxo