Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas tree hunt 2012

It was a miserable Saturday...but the next day was going to be worse and I really, really wanted to get the tree... We went right by that little one but,

with in 1 minute of being at Crest Christmas tree ranch I found the perfect tree.

And it is a good thing, because just as we were paying for the tree it started to pour!

Loren tried to talk me out of it and we did look at one other tree...

But seriously, this was the prefect tree!

Nice Christmas tree shape with no bare spots.

And no brown needles like some of the other trees...tho in the rain that was hard to figure out!

The boys loved the tree carrier and it kept the tree from getting muddy...thought, Jack kept jumping on it to get a ride.

In the parking lot...what are the odds of 2 of the exact same 1997(i think that is the year) red dodge van parked next to each other.

Now I need to post a picture of the worlds most perfect tree...decorated!
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Maggie said...

Those tree carrier things are cool. They didn't have those in the old days, like the 80’s when I went to tree farms.

stacief said...

Saves sappy hands!...and we have van to put the tree in so that we don't have to worry about losing the tree on the freeway - 1980's style!

Maggie said...

II guess we'll always remember that evening. But I do forget what you made for dinner.