Monday, November 19, 2012

Stanford vs Oregon State

Last weekend, Loren's principal gave us his tickets to the Stanford game.
I must admit, I am not a big Stanford fan...but they sure do know how to tailgate and the campus is beautiful.

And they have a dancing tree and pirate!
What is better then that!

I was feeling a bit under the weather, but decided to go anyway and it was fun...
and hot!  It was supposed to be 50 degrees and we all bundled up, but in the stands in the sun it was roasting! I actually took my uggs off during the game to cool down.

And Jack rolled up his pants.

We only stayed till half time, cuz the boys were restless and I wasn't feeling great
We listened to the rest of the game on the radio on the way home...and they won.
I think Stanford is pretty good this year.  They even beat the Ducks this weekend...sorry to all my OU fans.
Jack has now decided that he wants to go to Stanford and play football, so maybe some day I will actually cheer for Stanford!  I could see him at Stanford, but I'd prefer baseball.
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Maggie said...

Neal is jealous.
He thought that game was amazing.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

I was thinking this was the Stanford at UO game rather than the OSU at Stanford game. My bad.