Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mini golf play date

We were supposed to go bowling...we pick up Jack's friend Petey and headed out.
We were all very disappointed that the bowling alley was closed for a tournement.

However, we decided to go mini golfing...Petey wasnt sure he would like it...

but they had the best time...except for the cannons.  They were pretty loud and Luke did not like them at all. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk mini golf is a fun place to go, especiall on a rainy day because it is all inside!  They have an awesome black light area with 3 holes.

The crew!

And afterwards you get to play air hockey and old school pin ball!

The best thing about the pinball game Loren was playing was that for some miraculous reason it was free!
Thank you anonomous stranger who left tokens in the machine!

Afterwards we ate crappy boardwalk food and every one had a great time!
(on a side note, there is a marini's candy store at the boardwalk so I was able to score my beloved chocolate bacon)
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Gramma Glor said...

Grampa can't wait to play miniature golf with you guys - what a fun place

Grama Honey