Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road trip part 2

Well, I didn't post road trip part one, but I will.
This is what happened on our drive to Redding.
It was 105 degrees and poor Loren had to unload the car to get to the spare, figure out how to get the spare out from under the car,

And then change the tire and put all the stuff back, plus the busted tire...
Did I mention how HOT it is?!

And then the joy of finding a place that carries a new tire...costco does not!
but, America's Tire in Redding was great and had us in the hotel pool in no time.
Because now it is 108 and our car air conditioner just quit.
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Anonymous said...

Oh No Stace. Hopefully it's all down hill from there. Be safe and can't wait to see you on the 15th. Loves J.