Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camping part 1

We made it to Sunriver, OR for camping at thousand trails Bend and had a fabulous time.
Minus the time that Jack broke the glow stick and flung it in his eye.
Thankfully, glow sticks are not toxic - but we didn't learn that till later..

Here is the view from my spot in the tent the first morning.

and the messy boys side.
Many people commented on how large our tent was, but that is because everyone else all had RVs.
I have never seen so many satellite antennas in my life which I really think is not camping!

We also made it to spokane after a very long drive...but more camping pix to come!
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maggie said...

Have been checking your blog every day since the tire/airconditioning story. So glad you're safely in Spokane!!
Luke peeping from the tent is my new screensaver. So cute!
Give our love to Gloria and Ron.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see things picked up a bit after the tire adventure. Sorry we weren't able to meet you camping but I look forward to seeing you on Friday. Amy's daughter, Courtney, is with us for a week so we will be pretty crowded but that's not a problem. Loves J