Thursday, June 30, 2011


Not many posts this week...way too much going on.
I have been having a tooth problem that will result in a hopefully a sinus infection and more drastically an implant...  I spent tueday at various dentists and want to put a plug in for 
Okay, he had to refer me out, but he is a great dentist!

And yesterday was the retirement party for 3 (count em 3 out of 7) senior evals in the office.
We are so screwed is out new motto!
Juli and I now are International Evaluation....
It was a very emotional day and I am very happy for the retirees, but will sorely miss them.

Back to the family blog...Last weekend was some good weather and we finally brought out the sprinklers!
It was cold and rainly on tuedsay...this weather is so strange!
The boys had swim lessons in the rain with poor Loren having to find shelter near by.

I am much happier with the sun shine!

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