Friday, June 17, 2011

At long last...swim lessons

Finally, we (loren with my prodding) got the boys in swim lessons at Cougar Swim School at the local high school.
I could not be more well as Jack who loves it.

His teacher Brad is amazing and very patient!

He is just getting used to putting his face in the water, and kicking up a storm.

The first day, Luke would have nothing to do with it...he hung out with Loren.
But the next day, not to be out done by his bro, he was all in.
He even is more likely to go underwater then Jack now.
They have one more week of lessons...I don't think that they will learn to swim this go around, but they are closer.
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Neal said...

Wow, The boys are going under water! Keep up those lessons...soon they'll be surfing

Very important that they feel comfortable under water.

Love, Neal

Anonymous said...

It's not as important for them learning to actually swim as it is for them to be comfortable around the water and so they don't panic if they go in. Loves you J.