Monday, January 24, 2011

Practicing skateboard tricks!

Once again...I forgot my camera for most of the weekend...
Today, I even went to gymnastics with Jack for "parent day".
Thankfully, it was not captured on camera or video because I am less then graceful.
It was pretty fun, tho, and a good work out.
I couldn't get over my fears to do a seat drop on the big trampoline...all I could really do was jump and spin.
(A seat drop is where you kick your legs out straight in front of you and bounce on your butt before standing up again...way scary)

Here the boys are practicing their skate board tricks before hitting the street - with helmets -
Luckily, they are not as adventurous on the boards as they are on the ground!

Luke is doing his best "skateboard rider" face.
We went to watch the boarders at the park today and it was a blast!
I just wish that they would all wear helmets as to not be a bad example for little groms!
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