Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

 I'm back...
Sparks was a great trip for me, but not so much for Jack and Daddy.
Jack didn't do so well while I was gone.
But was fine the second I got back.

 We took the boys downtown Santa Cruz for a little trick or treating.
And it was packed!
Think we will look for something a little smaller scale next year!

 Lots of Giants fans - including Loren as a pumpkin Brian Wilson!

 While it was very crowded, Jack had no problems foraging ahead to get his treats.
Luke was a little more overwhelmed.

 After downtown we went home to watch the game and eat a little supper before hitting up the neighborhood.
 I make SF clam chowder in hopes for a win!

 It was really, really dark in our neighborhood and not many porch lights on.
This time Jack got scared and I had to carry him...
Luke was the trooper dinosaur!

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