Monday, November 29, 2010

Brief break

So I have not had much Internet lately.
I didn't have it at my dads and then we went home to a bad house.

Our tub in the boys/guest bathroom fell threw the floor.
We are having it fixed...and finding more problems.

So we left our house since we couldn't live in it and went to my father in laws.
Thankfully he has a big house and likes to make brownies!

We are at home now...but
I will be happy when the week is over and the rest of the work is done,
hopefully by Saturday.
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Grandma Knabb said...

I am not sure which of the 3 boys is enjoying licking the bowl more. Cute pics. Hope house will be fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Your tub fell through the floor? WOW. I hope it's not too costly to repair, I can't imagine it not being costly though. Just what you needed just before the holidays. Loves J.