Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello trash can

Thought that I would leave Luke's devil eyes in the pix as that is how he has been behaving...
I seriously thought that the 2's were bad, but nothing compares to the horrid 3's...
It is too soon to sign him up for military school?!

Anyway, I bought this trash can at Target a million years ago, way before children (or Loren for that matter)
I liked the color.

Who knew that it would provide many minutes of entertainment.
Making balls go round and round and then becoming robot man by sticking in on your head!

Good times!
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Anonymous said...

Threes are way worse than the "terrible twos", He will start to mellow a bit when he hits four though so just breath, remember this too shall pass and remember that I love you and am here if you ever need moral support. Loves J.