Saturday, October 2, 2010

End of summer

 Last weekend seemed to be the end of summer and probably our last "summer" beach visit.
Amazing that next year we can probably stay longer because the boys will be done with naps.
(done with naps is a very sad thing that I am not looking forward to!)

 It was a beautiful day and we were at Crows Nest beach!

Lots of digging and wave was also a full moon that make the waves crazy!

So happy that both boys are not afraid of the an extent!

We keep our eyes on them at all moments!
And with this crazy tide, we stayed very close!

The waves came up so high that they took out our blanket.
We moved to higher ground.

Another family stuff got very wet!

 Jack and Luke had fun jumping off the "cliff".

 Sorry for the pix overload...but it is the end of summer!

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