Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blogger issues

I had a post for today, but blogger ate it!  It had cute pictures that I can not get to join the post and now it looks like the draft post posted...I don't get it!  I am hoping that it is just a blogger issue and will work it self out and I can add pictures.

For a boys update, we are going on vacation soon (YEAH!), boys first plane trip which I am hoping is fun!  Loren hates to fly so this should be interesting!  We decided to move the boys to a new preschool closer to home and start Luke on a 3 day a week schedule just like Jack after we get back from vacation.  As it took Jack 1.5 years to get used to the first school, I am hoping this may be a slightly easier transition.  This is a school where the kids will be moving on to SLV Elementary school where the boys will end up.  Jack has a few friends at the other school but they are not going to Scotts Valley schools.  I am hoping this move eases Jacks kindergarten transition... I am feeling bad about moving Luke from the school as he has so many cute little friends there.  The school is 2  blocks and a bridge walk from our house which is really nice!  Jack, of course, is against the change, but he doesn't like his current school either... I am hoping that a new school will be a new beginning for him and that we still see the boys old friends at the park!

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