Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fire = not scary = not

Glitter, glitter everywhere.
The boys newer thing that they like to do is play with glue and glitter.
I like it too!
It has been a busy few days, well more then a few days. Last week we had a fire in the boys room. A ball was thrown into a light fixture attached to the wall (unknown by the grown ups) and when the light was left on for a long time (as they always are in the boys room since they are afraid of the dark) it caught on fire.

I was doing laundry after dinner and went in to their room to put clothes away, but found flames instead. It was really scary. Loren put it out with the fire extinguisher (thanks Trish! Do you have anymore woot fire extinguishers?)  Huge mess everywhere but everyone is okay and we still have a house!

Luke is pretty freaked out. He says he isn't afraid of the fire, but for the first few days all he did was cry the second he came in the house. And, he wouldn't sleep in his bed. He wont go into the room by himself so I go with him and he points up to the light and says the it is not scary...maybe daddy paint it.  Slowly he is getting better, but still ends up in our bed at some point every night.He kicks and punches in his sleep so he is not a lot of fun.

This weekend we had tickets for the giants game and a babysitter, but the game was rain delayed for 4 hours so we couldn't go...we did however have the boys go to my mom's overnight so we had a nice dinner at Oak Tree Ristorante and a much needed break from parenthood. If you are ever in Felton, this is a nice place to eat. http://www.oaktreeristorante.com/
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Grandma Knabb said...

Glad I could be of help, sorry that you needed it. Yes we do have another woot fire extinguisher, you are welcome to it and hopefully you will not need it again. Happy to hear all is okay. Luv Ya