Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Pjs

I brought out all the winter things that we have for the boys...
so sad that summer is over.
Jack doesnt like the cold.
I discovered that while Luke has tons of pjs and clothes...Jack does not.
So I went to the store today in the brutal storm for pjs...actually
I went for rain boots, but they don't have them in stock yet.

I was also trying to convince Luke that big warm sleepers are cool.
He refused to wear one a few days ago, but since Jack is wearing one, he was willing to try it out.
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Jake said...

*sigh* I wish i had a onesy hehehe

and what is up with these super long word verifications jeeze

Anonymous said...

You can let Jake know that they do sell Feety pajamas for adults. My mom bought some for Sue a few years back. ;0) Love ya J.

Jake said...