Thursday, September 25, 2008

On our own

L is gone for a few days on a "business trip". Camping for 3 days with 60 3rd graders and probably 30 parents is his business... doesnt that sound like a good time. Im very lucky that he only goes on 2 of these "trips" a year. Some moms have husbands gone all the time and some are in the hat is really off to all off them. I suppose you get used to it, but it is hard to get both boys fed, walked (we walk around the block after dinner every night), to bed, up again and dressed for the next day and out the door by 7am. Jack woke up early asking for daddy, but seemed pretty happy that he did not have to go to school. Tomorrow may be a different situation cuz it is a school day. Im hoping to go visit L tomorrow with Luke after I drop Jack off at school...or we may go take a nap...

I sure appreciate everything L does! Especially that he makes my coffee in the morning for me, and he doesnt even drink coffee!

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