Sunday, December 1, 2013

Old stuff

This summer flew by!
We did have one week of a stay cation and it was pretty fun.

We live right next to  Roaring Camp Railroads and really have not ridden the train very much.
It is pretty expensive, but on a staycation you splurge.

We took the boardwalk train and it was super fun!

It is a great way to get to the boardwalk with out all of the hastle of parking.
We really wish that they offered a season pass, because we would be all over that!

It is beautiful.

You can tell that this is in the summer because Luke has a crazy buzz cut...which he want now too.
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Anonymous said...

Doug would be on the train weekly if we lived close enough. Riding it to the boardwalk sounds like so much fun. I miss you guys so much. Loves J

stacief said...

Jennie, I so wish you lived on our block and Doug could ride the train. They even have a conductor of the day kind of thing that he would like! Love and miss you!!!