Monday, October 29, 2012

Last day of Baseball

Yesterday was the last baseball game for the boys
And for the SF Giants!!Woo hoo!!

Jack is number 1 and Luke is number 6!

I have already signed Luke up for the spring season of Tball
and now Jack is saying that he wants to play A ball too.

I have heard that with both boys in 2 levels of ball...we could be busy 6 days a week, oh my!
But they love it and are pretty darn good too!

And so cute!!

As the sports season is winding down, hopefully I'll have more time to blog!

Jack has 2 more weeks of soccer and he's done too!
And then it is bring on the holidays!  Crazy!!
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Carolyn Jung said...

Too adorable. Well, they picked a great last day -- to coincide with the biggest day for the Giants, too. Baseball doesn't get any better than that. ;)