Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jack's party

I just have to say that I am exhausted!  Jack's birthday celebration is finally over.

Today, we hosted 16 of Jack's friends at Santa Cruz gymnastics
(can you say sheer mayhem!)

And when he was younger we worried about his social game....
but, the boy has friends.

I love doing parties at SC gymnastics, because everyone has a fun time and the whole thing is over in 1.5 hours.  This time around it flew by.  So fun to chat with the parents (and meet some for the first time)!

But there were so many kids, it was hard to keep track of everyone.

And finally, right now, Jack's party is over and I am so ready for bed, thankful that I don't have to host another party till August!

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Maggie said...

ohmygosh! Such a far cry from the parties I hosted for you. No wonder you're tired. But it sure looked fun and Jack sure looked happy. And yes, he's a social guy! and sooo cute!