Saturday, January 21, 2012

Light sabors...all the rage

You know, I have never been a big star wars fan.
Sure, the first movie was good, but I think I pretended to like them to impress the boys.

And well, boys are the ones that love it.
Jack knows EVERYTHING about star wars...and he has never even seen it!

And they ask incessant questions about star wars in which I do not have any answers!
Luke is too afraid to watch the movie which is fine with me.

Anyway, since Christmas, we have a lot of light sabors and they are a lot of fun!
(and so far, no one has been injured by a light sabor which I find amazing)!

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Grandma Trish said...

I am glad to see that they like the light sabers, sorry I forgot batteries.

Maggie said...

Cute post!
Now I know what "lifesavers" really are.


Gramma Glor said...

Those things look so cool when you take a picture of them in motion. Great job Stacie!!