Monday, November 7, 2011

Playdate # 1

We double booked our play dates on Saturday.
The first one was Jonathan who brought his bey blades.
Oh the beloved bey blades.

For those of you without young boys, bey blades are all the rage right now.
It is kind of a fancy top that they kids battle...
We don't have any yet, but Santa has been alerted.

I tried to get them outside and they did for a little bit.
First they played on the play structure and then bamboo sticks were used.
Unfortunately, Luke whacked Jonathan with a stick on his cheek...
Poor kid had quite a welt on his cheek so we'll see if Jonathan gets to come play at our house again.

I hope so! Besides the stick, we had a fun time.
I got to do my first bey blades battle!

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