Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Lukey!

My baby turns 4 today...and my oldest baby started kindergarten...
it was an emotional and draining day!

Here are a few pix of Luke's happy birthday song...with more to follow!

Isn't he the cutest kid ever!
It was a fun party!

Jack did great at kindergarten, but we underestimated the parking at the school and Jack was late for his 1st class!
It was a zoo out there...Loren had to drop me and Jack off to park and we rushed to his classroom where everyone was in circle time.
I couldn't even get a pix at the door! But I did take a pix of his door which, once I get it off the camera, I'll show you all!

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grandma Trish said...

I am so glad that Jack did good on his first day. He is such a big boy and Luke is not far behind. It was a great party. Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lukey. Four years old. What a big boy. And Jack starting Kindergarten, Wow. I cried my eyes out when Billy started Kindergarten. Love you guys J.