Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pretty and pretty dirty

Yesterday we got to get all dressed up and go to a swanky event honoring the teachers of the year for the cupertino school district.
It was my husbands lucky year so we headed out to the Fairmont Hotel for food, fun, and dancing.
We picked the boys up that night from my moms and headed back to our the POURING rain.
The ride over 17 was scary and at some points we could hardly see...
and now the back yard is the worst swamp that I have ever seen.

So we go from dressed up to messed up in 24 hours.

Luke's pants are actually gray, but you wouldn't know it from the pix.
They dug deep water holes and slung mud everywhere.
Luke like to sit in it.

Shortly after this picture it was straight into the bathtub.
I so wish it would STOP raining!
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Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh Stace you and Loren look so grown up (and very nice) when did that happen? The boys look like they really enjoyed that swamp of ours, Luke especially. Love you guys bunches J.

stacief said...

Ack...we look old...but it was a fun time. And Luke was covered from head to toe in mud...

Gramma Glor said...

You two look stunning. We are so proud of you. As for Jack and Luke - well - they look like typical boys to me.