Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa arrives a little early

Last weekend we went to a Christmas party at my FIL's.
And Santa arrived with gifts for everyone!

The children were in awe (and a little afraid)

Luke is not so sure about this Santa guy.

But Jack, after Santa left, said "that was grandpa" and I asked him why he thought that and he said "grandpa was the only one not in the room" when Santa was there... That kid is too smart. We said he was in the bathroom, but I'm not sure Jack bought it.
I did say that he was a Santa helper, because Santa is busy this time of year.
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Coffee Break Mama said...

That's so funny. I have to tell my daughter that we need to leave our wrapping paper out incase Santa needs to use some Christmas Eve night to wrap gifts because I know for sure she'd realize that it's the same stuff!

Anonymous said...

You have a little detective in the makings there. Very smart. Loves J