Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hunting the perfect tree

We got our xmas tree last weekend.
It is real easy and takes about 3 minutes when you go to a lot.
Especially, when they only have 1 douglas fir of the correct size left.

Boys were pretty excited, but Luke wasn't feeling all that great and I didn't want to have him out in the cold too long. Did I mention that it has been in the 40's here during the day!
That is way cold for us!

Luke hates this orange "rain" coat and it is like wrestling a monkey to get him in to it!

Here is our beloved tree in the car! Jack was very excited about decorating it...
and making sure that Luke couldn't reach any of the ornaments.
We have tons and tons of ornaments...all at the top of the tree.
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Anonymous said...

Well, we'd like to see a picture of that tree with all the ornaments at the top!